What are the guarantees that I will receive documents and I will have a job?

Local labor exchanges can be contacted by either Czechs or foreigners with a residence permit, refugee status or who are EU citizens. If you do not fit into any of these categories, you will need a work permit.

Our company is an official employer in the Czech Republic, which has been operating on the labor market for 20 years and employs all categories of people listed above, those categories of people who need to get a work permit.

We offer vacancies for unskilled workers in factories, factories, warehouses.

To obtain a permit, you need to fill out the necessary documents, pay and submit to the labor exchange. Since a foreigner cannot personally do this, an employee of the company submits documents by power of attorney instead.

Algorithm for obtaining documents:

1. We send a package of documents to the applicant for filling out along with the details of the current account of our company.

2. The applicant fills out the documents and pays the cost of the documents.

3. When all the documents are completed and paid for - the candidate sends us the documents and a copy of the check.

4. Within a month we prepare documents, send them to the labor exchange, obtain permits and send them to the applicant. With these documents, a person can apply for a visa.

As an employer, we provide a full package of documents that are required to obtain a visa. Applicants need to pay the full cost of documents (if these are documents for 3 months), or partial (if these are documents for a visa for 2 years) to the official bank account of our company. Please note that this is a fee for a full package of documents for obtaining a visa, and not a payment for a visa. It is important to understand that only the consulate makes decisions on opening a visa. In case of not obtaining a visa, the initial payment is non-refundable. But if the visa was not opened for some reason on our part, we are ready to redo the documents at the expense of the company.

Can I immediately get documents for a visa for 2 years?

According to the policy of our company, we can make documents only after a person arrives for the first time for 3 months.

Where will I work?

You will work in one of the vacancies offered by us. Upon arrival, you will be employed for the vacancy that best suits your skills, or you will be assigned to the plant where the next recruitment will be.<./p>

We offer people, first of all, a position (vacancy) that is not tied to a specific number and place of work, since recruits for factories go according to their schedule - once or twice a week, and people can come every day and it is impossible to synchronize each position for a specific human. If we offered a job seeker a vacancy, for example, an operator on the line, it means that he will work as an operator, but upon arrival we will look at which plant is the nearest recruitment and we will employ him there.

Also, if there is no recruitment in the coming days, we will provide a part-time job at another plant. In any case, the person will be provided with a job.

Work uniform cost?

The cost of the working form depends on each specific enterprise. On Daikin you need to buy work pants (cost 335 crowns), at Panasonic you will need to buy shoes (cost 845 crowns), on the Tatra a set of special protective clothing will cost about 1500 crowns. You don't have to pay for clothes right away. Its value will be deducted from wages.

In other factories, clothing is either given out free of charge or not required at all.

Will they drive me to work?

The workers get to most factories themselves. The companies are not far from the housing we offer, the city has convenient public transport. Some factories are taken by a coordinator.

What is my salary?

Each job has its own minimum rate per hour. But, besides this, the salary and the availability of bonuses depend on the shift in which you will work, academic performance and the quality of work.

When are wages paid?

Wages are paid on the last Friday of the month following the month worked. Payment takes place at the office of the company

Is it possible to take an advance?

An advance payment can be taken after three days worked every Friday of the month in the amount of 1000 CZK. Advances are paid before the first salary is received. Payment is made only at the office of the company, with the presentation of an identity document. Advances are not issued if a person has money to receive for a part-time job. The advance payment is made by the coordinator on Monday or Tuesday.

How is the last salary paid?

The last salary is transferred by urgent transfer to the country of residence of the person according to the information specified in the employee's application. To transfer the salary, you must write a corresponding statement at the office of the company before leaving.

Can I get my salary to the card?


Are there any part-time jobs?

The company provides part-time jobs. Employees can earn extra money, but not to the detriment of work at the main place.

Will vacation be paid?

Holidays are paid only on Daikin and KS. In other factories, leave is not paid.

Why is housing paid? (The cost of housing, and why not cheaper?)

Rented accommodation cannot be free. If you are offered free housing, it means that its cost has already been deducted from your salary. Accommodation in the accommodation we offer is not a prerequisite but is provided at the request of the employee.

Why is housing so expensive?

We offer good housing at standard prices on the market. If possible, we can provide alternative options. Please note that the provision of housing is an additional service that you do not need to use. You can search for accommodation yourself.

What to take with you?

Everyone determines the amount of money for himself. For housing that we provide, payment is made from salary.

If you live in the housing that we provide, then you will not need to pay immediately. Housing will be deducted from salary.

Accommodation is equipped with the necessary utensils. Paid linen. You can take with you a minimum of dishes and bed linen.

It is imperative to take money to pay for a coronavirus test (2006 CZK, which is approximately 80 euros). You also need to have money to buy a SIM card from a local telecom operator (200 CZK). Well, money for the first time for food.

Do I need a medical examination and its cost?

Medical and X-ray examinations are required for every factory. The cost of a medical examination is 500 CZK. The cost of the X-ray is 250 CZK. If you need to work with food, a book is also required. Its cost is 500 CZK. To work at the meat processing plant, a comprehensive medical examination is required, which costs 1800 CZK. All specified amounts are deducted from wages.

Can I see a doctor?

Yes, you have. Upon arrival at our workplace, you will be provided with Czech medical insurance, based on which, if necessary, you can seek medical help.

Are tests for COVID-19 paid?

Upon arrival in the Czech Republic, everyone must take a COVID-19 test. Some factories may reimburse the cost of the test, but you must be able to pay yourself. The cost of the test is from 1756 to 2006 CZK.

When can I go home?

According to the working conditions, each employee must work out the full term of his visa. It can leave only not earlier than two days before the end of the visa.